"Hey there!! Would ya mind giving this a like or a reblog if you’re a dangan ronpa oc blog?”


"We’ve sorta been away for awhile, sooo…"


"….. What he said."

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"Hello..! I was ahh.. Wondering if you’d give this post a like or a reblog if you’re a dangan ronpa oc?”


"I would really appreciate it!! I’ll even throw in a discount for a visit to my cafe— The cats enjoy meeting new people as much as I do!"

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so i have some free time tonight and im going to go ahead and start up my other muses’ blogs

the blog i have for ryo and masaki isnt ready yet but

i can get back to r’s, nathaniel’s, and another new oc [s hu sh ] tonight

so i’m gonna

do that

because i miss rping like whoa

slides out

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another fun fact before i hop off

when the twins come back ryo might have a different hair color because of a hair dye accident

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shslmythologists said: aaaa can’t wait uvu !!

yea yea!! i miss khu and rping with u! ;w;

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im sliding in for a moment to make an important update post thing ye s hello hi

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i’ve finally decided i’m just going to go on a hiatus for an undetermined length of time. this goes for this blog, induratizekiller and shslkalimba (which is pretty much on unofficial hiatus anyway)

tbh i feel like no one is taking any interest in my muses anymore, buuut i  guess thats kind of my own fault. ive been pretty busy with things

i figured that i should just officially [ ive already been offline here a bunch of days but i dont know if anyone noticed?? ] stay off here until i feel like i can come back with my characters and just

make them more interesting..?

something like that. but right now i feel like everyones fine without my muses, which is okay. i’m happy people have good rp partners and interesting threads and stuff, and i hope when i do come back maybe i can bring a little bit of ‘interesting’ back with me

if that makes sense

really tho i should stop typing

uhh… if anyone needs me for some reason, my main blog is nagitosprite and i’m fairly active over there.


bye for now

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And then Marina got a text message of Victor saying he wanted to invite her for crabcakes at a certain address that happened to be near the pier. And nothing else. What could he be planning...



The sea captain’s eyes scanned over the words on the screen of her phone, letting out a soft hum. Truthfully, she didn’t know Victor very well. She considered them still simply acquaintances, nothing more. With an invitation such as this, she couldn’t help but feel a little suspicious. But… She loved crabcakes; honestly, how could she refuse those? Besides, she had nothing else planned. So in the end she saw no harm in accepting the other’s invitation.

Marina later arrived at the specific address Victor had described in his message, and she couldn’t hide the smile spreading across her face as she could make out the sight of the ocean, along with the scent of sea salt and the ocean breeze. The ocean never failed to make her happy. She made her way to the intended destination, looking around for sight of the brawler.


"…Not even a few minutes and you already are trying to seize my throne on this ship…?" He said almost questionning her intentions…Only to pout a bit after his thought process was done. 


"But it is my crew…! And my ship a swell…Then again I did borrow it but it is still my crew…!" He said giving her an innocent pout to somehow persuade her. 


"…Besides do you believe you are up to the notch of a captain of my sea pirates?~"  

Marina let out a huff, turning her head to the side as she blinked at the other. “Regardless if you claim ownership of a crew and a ship or not, I can assure you that when it comes to a captain’s leadership skills, between the two of us you are not the most likely candidate.” She gave a mocking pout back in return, before her expression returned to a soft grin.

"Why don’t you give me a chance and we’ll see who the better captain is, hmmm?"

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